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Here’s how you can write for Daily Cuttings

How to contribute?
You can send your writing materials such as articles and letters via email to our dedicated mail ID [email protected]. You can also leave your dispatch at our local office or send it via post at this address- (enter an address here).
*NOTE- Contributions sent to any of our other emails such as email addresses used for news, adverts, or public notices will not be accepted.

Details of the Article/Letter
Your article should be between 700 and 1200 words long. The longer an article is, the longer it takes to be published, and the more difficult it is to fit it into the available space. Responses to the articles must be limited to 200 words. Contributors, on the other hand, can comment on an article in the form of an article. The editor has the final say on whether or not to publish a comment in Reflections or as a column. There are no justifications given for publishing or not publishing a certain article or letter.

What gets published and what not?
We appreciate and welcome everything we receive, but we don’t post everything we get. On any topic, we receive a never-ending stream of responses from our respected contributors. Even though we do our best to accommodate as much as possible, much remains unpublished. Furthermore, in order to avoid repetition of information, we will have to conclude the debate someplace in order to make room for other equally important problems.

How long do we take in publishing an article?
It depends on the issue’s importance, the available space, and the layout’s requirements. Also, our editors carefully review all the contributions to avoid any intellectual dispute. Articles are occasionally released sooner than intended, while other times they take longer than expected.

How to know the status of your article?
Simply wait at least fifteen days from the time you send it. We are unable to respond to each email we receive or to tell our valued contributors of the expected publishing date. The chances of it being published are slim if it is not published within fifteen days. Also, you need not call us on the phone to inquire about the status since we usually don’t have any definite answer.

Can we share our contributions with other publications?
Sure. However, the article or letter that you send us must not be sent to another publication or magazine at the same time. You may write for as many banners as you like, but we ask that you wait to avoid duplication of material. If your article does not find a place within the fifteen-day deadline, you are free to send it wherever. Alternatively, if you want to mail it in between the days, please let us know.

Do we return back the contributions we receive?
No, Daily Cuttings does not return the contributions. Thus, we request the writers to keep a copy of their respective work before sending it to us since we are not responsible for mailing it back.
If you have any other questions or queries related to this then feel free to contact us.