Wednesday, November 29, 2023
A relative of the French teenager Nahel shot by police has told the BBC the family did not want his death to spark riots, but insisted the law around...

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    Nahel Family Tell BBC Police Use of Lethal Force Must Change

    A relative of the French teenager Nahel shot by police has told the BBC the family did not want his death to spark riots,...

    Work and Hope Where Bangladeshi Brooklyn Gathers

    At an intersection in Brooklyn, Bangladeshi immigrants take some of their first steps toward new lives. Where Church and McDonald Avenues meet, the scent...

    Ayushmann Khurrana: India is at Center stage of the World

    Ayushmann Khurrana is all set to make global audience fall in love with his soulful voice. Ayushmann will soon perform at the iconic Wembley Stadium and he could...

    Kremlin Brands Accusations it killed Prigozhin an ‘Absolute Lie

    Kremlin: Ukraine's emergency service chief dismissed after inspection Serhiy Kruk, the head of Ukraine's state emergency service, has been dismissed after an internal inspection of...

    Wagner Chief has Strong Support in Russia – Poll

    The survey was conducted from June 22 to 28 as Prigozhin led his Wagner fighters to briefly occupy the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. Wagner Group...


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    Ajit Pawar Leads Vertical split in NCP

    Ajit Pawar on July 2 pulled off a stunning revolt in the NCP triggering a vertical split and joined hands with the ruling Shiv Sena-BJP alliance in Maharashtra to...

    Bihar Heading for Maharashtra Like Political Crisis

    The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) in Maharashtra plunged into a crisis after party leader Ajit Pawar broke ranks and took the oath as deputy...

    BJP is Only Party Free From Dynastic Politics: JP Nadda

    BHARATPUR: Bharatiya Janata Party national president JP Nadda on Thursday said that BJP is the only party which is free from dynastic politics and...

    Karnataka Government Launches The Anna Bhagya

    The newly formed government in Karnataka by the Congress is all set to roll out the 'anna bhagya' scheme today. However, the government won't...


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