Saturday, June 10, 2023
New Delhi: Air India Delhi-San Francisco non-stop flight on Tuesday made a safe landing in Magadan, Russia, after one of the Boeing 777’s engines developed a snag. The aircraft...

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    President Biden Stumbles Raising Questions about his Fitness

    Jackson, who served as physician to the president under both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, expressed concerns about Biden's physical and mental capabilities. President Joe...

    Sonic Boom Terrifies Public in Washington DC

    According to U.S. and military officials, the sonic boom that stunned residents and trembled buildings was the result of an authorized military flight. On 4th...

    How Mohit Sharma Beat His Ego to Make a Comeback

    NEW DELHI: If a story titled "Triumph of sheer dedication over ego" were to be written, it could well be based on cricketer Mohit...

    Wildfires of Alberta Canada Show No Sign of Slowing

    The province of Alberta, Canada, home to more than four million people, is under a state of emergency, as nearly 100 wildfires burn, dozens...

    US Debt Ceiling Talks Hampered by Serious Differences

    White House and Republican negotiators have resumed US debt ceiling talks after a brief pause on Friday that rattled financial markets. House of Representatives Speaker...


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    Congress & BJP Get Into Helpline War as Each Fears Trouble From Other

    The ruling Congress and Opposition BJP have got down to a ‘helpline war’ against each other, each side suspecting the other of either targeting party workers or fomenting communal...

    Odisha Train Accident: Mamata Banerjee Pays Respect to Victims in Howrah

    As authorities brought back Odisha train accident victims to WB, CM Mamata Banerjee paid respect to them on June 05. The WB CM has...

    Congress Exposes Sengol Claims of Centre

    The Congress on Friday hit out at the BJP for spreading "false narrative" on 'Sengol' saying that there is no documented evidence whatsoever of...

    AAP vs Centre: Congress to Back AAP after Talking to Allies

    NEW DELHI: Amid AAP efforts to mobilise opposition parties against Modi government's ordinance to neutralise the Supreme Court verdict that gave the Delhi government control...


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