Saturday, July 6, 2024

Apple iPhone 13 and older models suffer from a WhatsApp crashing bug

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A number of iPhone users have been unable to run the popular messaging based app, WhatsApp. At the moment, Apple iPhone 13 series and even older models are facing a crashing bug on the social media based platform across the globe.

As per numerous tweets on Twitter, many iPhone users have stated that their WhatsApp simply stopped working. Reportedly, the app kept crashing whenever they tried to launch it. This made it impossible for Apple Iphone 13 users to access their chats or send any messages. Recently, there have been no new WhatsApp update on the App Store, with even the beta test build facing this crashing issue for some unknown reason. In other words, it could be an issue on Facebook’s servers rather than the app or may possibly be a bug related to the operating system, but that is highly unlikely.

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