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Deepika Padukone Trolled by Fashion Police

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Deepika Padukone, from casuals like a baggy shirt and jeans or classy pieces like a vintage gown or athleisure – her sartorial choices place her in the best dressed list.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone’s poised and charming style has inspired many. From casuals like a boyfriend shirt and jeans or classy pieces like a vintage gown or sporty athleisure – her sartorial choices place her in the best dressed list. However, Deepika has once revealed that sometimes even she seems unsure about meeting the audience’s expectations. She feels that not all fans appreciate her when she tries something different. Despite experimenting with her style, people still feel the need to comment on her looks and what she should wear.

Addressing this, during a media interaction back in 2019, Deepika, when asked about who according to her has more fun with outfits between her and husband Ranveer Singh, said, “I wear a white shirt and blue jeans and everyone’s like so boring, why can’t she try something fun. And then when I try something fun they are like oh now she’s trying to be like her husband. She should just stick to doing the classic stuff that she always does. What do you want?”

Talking about how Ranveer dresses up when he is with Deepika’s family, she shared, “When he’s with my parents, that’s (white shirt and blue pants) his look. Otherwise, he’s not allowed to enter the house. So if it’s a professional commitment and my parents happen to be there then they have to make peace with what he’s wearing. But if it’s a specific event, there is a separate Padukone family wardrobe which is black pants, blue jeans, white crisp shirt, round neck t-shirt. So there’s a black, white, grey colour palate.”

During the Dainik Bhaskar Conclave, Deepika revealed that Ranveer is not afraid to experiment with bold prints, vibrant colours, and unconventional styles. It is a true reflection of his bold, unapologetic personality. His style is fun and often gender-neutral, breaking away from traditional norms. Speaking of it, Deepika, who wore a floral, flowy silhouette at the event, said, “Aj ghar jaane ke baad he’s going to say ‘Mujhe yeh pahen na hai’.”

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh met on the set of Ram Leela in 2013, and sparks flew right away. They finally tied the knot at the beautiful Lake Como, Italy, in November 2018 after six years of being together.

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