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English is the Most Potent Language Program – Google Cloud

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English is now the most potent language program, says Google Cloud AI VP

English Language Program

June Yang, vice-president of Google Cloud AI (Express Photo)

English is now the most potent language of programming, according to June Yang, vice-president of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions at Google Cloud. Yang, who is responsible for a large portfolio of AI-powered products and services, says Google is working towards understanding the intent of simple language prompts so as to rewrite them for the AI model to make better sense.

Yang said Google is also working on the education part of this process by putting out enough collateral and material out there on how to ask the right questions to get the best out of AI platform. She also underlined how Google, one of the pioneers and leaders in the AI space, has “been very open to sharing its tech with industry to accelerate AI”.

Speaking about responsible AI, Yang said in Google it was not just a concept but a “living constitution that we rely upon every day”. “We use it only for guidance and best practices, but also a variety of tooling.”

She said for instance Google attributes around 18 categories of AI that could be problematic. “Users can decide what level of safety can be built in.”

Elaborating on how organisations can use the many new products released by Google Cloud, she said even within big query, customers could take data from multiple sources, including legacy sources.

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