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Habits that put your heart at risk

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The heart is the most important organ of the body. There is a reason it is listed among the ‘vital’ organs of the body. When we put our health first, we often tend to ignore the heart which requires a set of habits and regime that take special care of it; cardio-vascular exercises, low-cholesterol food and a lot many lifestyle changes. Even though most of us may not consciously follow such organ specific regimes, a good diet and regular exercise does the needful without our knowing.

There are several reasons why one isn’t as active on a regular basis as one should be. You may not find the right workout regime that keeps you fit and entertained. There can be other reasons like a hyper busy lifestyle that keeps one engaged and drains one out by the end of a day. However, in order to maintain heart health, it is imperative that you stay active regularly and no, we aren’t talking long hours at the gym. Start slow, but do start. Activities as low intensity as walking and that too for a mere twenty minutes can help a great deal with heart health maintenance. Walking, running or playing a sport for just twenty minutes can help greatly with your cardio-vascular health and is associated with lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and a healthier weight.

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