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Kashi Vishwanath restoration, India is on the cusp of a cultural renaissance

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Kashi Vishwanath :If we do a few right things in the next few years, we could bring about a cultural renaissance for the entire world

The word “Kashi” literally means “a tower of light”. It is an instrument, a powerfully consecrated Yantra created to connect the microcosm and the macrocosm, or the individual and the universal. This is an immense human form created so that it can connect with the cosmic form. It had 72,000 shrines at one time, just as the human body has 72,000 nadis. People went there for realisation and transcendence because there is an energetic process there. If you become available to it, it transports you to dimensions that are beyond normal human experience.

Everyone may not be steeped in the spiritual process but there is no human being in the world who does not have a longing to touch aspects of life that are not yet in their life. Some people may invest their time and energies to do that consciously. Others aspire for it every now and then. So how do they find expression to their longing?

In this culture, we created instruments through which even ordinary people, who are not steeped in spiritual sadhana, can also have an opportunity to transcend and transform their way of being. So, it was said that every ordinary human being, no matter how they lived throughout their life, must go to Kashi at least towards the end of their life, because transcendence is available free for every human being. That is the significance of Kashi.

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