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Places to visit in india in january for a warm winter vacation

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Places to visit in India in January for a warm winter vacation
Come January and if you are all set to plan a small trip, you can check out those destinations that remain warm even during the cold season. You visit these destinations so that you are able to escape the harsh cold climate, and that too without compromising the fun of winter vacations in India.

So, don’t wait any longer, and start making plans to visit these warm weather destinations in January to start this new year with a positive vibe.

Alibaug, Maharashtra
This spot is a favourite getaway destination for people residing in Pune and Mumbai. With a coastal town and scenic beaches, Alibaug is ideal for those seeking to detox amid sea waves, and soak up some sun to beat the cold winter. Apart from this, Alibaug is also famous for its forts, dating back to the 17th century.

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
If you are looking for a warm winter vacation in January, Khajuraho will warm your hearts even in cold winters. This famous UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts of an intriguing history and marvellous architecture, and makes for the perfect vacation place in Madhya Pradesh. Also, home to around 90 Jain and Hindu, which are a fine representation of Indian architecture, a visit to this place is a must if you love exploring places.

Goa makes for a great tourist destination, and this place has everything to make your holiday a memorable one. If you have been thinking when is the best time to explore this spot, January is the time when the temperature remains pleasant and allows you to go on sightseeing, or indulge in various activities without sweating. Also, January is the ideal time to detox here by practising yoga, and heading out to check out the hidden gems of this spot.

The moment you reach Puducherry, it becomes evident as to why it is fondly called the French Riviera of the East, because of the undiminishing French impact that it displays from the colonial era. Dotted with yellow-coloured villas, French Quarter, cosy cafes built in colonial architecture, this destination transports you back to another surreal time. You should definitely make it a point to visit this spot during this month when temperature remains warm and pleasant here,

Hampi, Karnataka
Hampi is famed for being one of the 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India, which makes it an incredible place to holiday, especially in the month of January. This is because the warm weather of January adds to its charming existence, while its well-preserved architecture surprises every visitor. Blessed with many brilliant architectural wonders, Hampi is waiting to be discovered to its full potential, and deserves more attention in the tourism circuit.

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
It’s also one of the warm places that you can visit during the month of January in India. Located in the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer used to serve as a historical trading centre in Rajasthan. With several sand dunes, and stunning architecture, Jaisalmer is a gorgeous desert city that you should definitely visit once. Although January remains a bit windy here, it’s a good time to visit and explore this place.

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