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Shahrukh Khan 10 Emotional Pleas to Wankhede in his Chats

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Shahrukh Khan made multiple pleas to Sameer Wankhede, asking him to go easy on his son Aryan Khan during the drugs on cruise case in 2021.

Shahrukh Khan’s alleged chats with Sameer Wankhede from 2021 have been submitted in court and they show him repeatedly sending emotional messages to the former zonal director of Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau. In his chats, Shahrukh asked Wankhede to go easy on his son Aryan Khan, who was arrested in the drugs-on-cruise case two years ago.

Shahrukh Khan

Here are the top 10 highlights from the chats:

Shahrukh promises Aryan will make them proud
Shah Rukh told Sameer in one of his first messages to him, “I will make sure that he turns out to be someone that you and I are both proud of. This incident will prove to be a turning point in his life I promise, in a good way.”

Shahrukh offers to give Wankhede a hug
“God bless you. I have to come personally whenever you say and give a hug to you. Let me please know whenever it’s convenient for you. Really I have always had the highest regard for your uprightness and now it has increased manifolds. Big respect,” the actor wrote in a text.

Shahrukh asks Wankhede for help ‘without losing integrity’
The actor asked the cop, “If in any way without losing your integrity as an officer of law, you can help with whatever manner possible please. I will always be indebted.”

‘Aryan’s part is miniscule’
Shahrukh said, “You know his part is minuscule in it. All he needs is reformation and for that he has had his quota and I will also follow suit with what we talked in terms of making him a better person.”

‘Go slow for God’s sake’
“Please I beg you. Get your guys to go slow for Gods sake. I swear I will stand by you for all times to come and assist you with what all you are trying to achieve good. It’s a man’s promise and you know me enough to know I am good for it,” Shah Rukh asked.

‘My son has been a bit wayward’
Shahrukh admitted Aryan has been a ‘bit wayward’. “I beg you please have mercy in me and my family. We are a simple set of people and my son has been a bit wayward but he doesn’t deserve being in a jail like a hardened criminal. You also know that. Please have a heart man please I beg you,” he wrote.

‘I love my children just like you do yours’
Shahrukh said that sending Aryan to jail will ‘shatter’ his family. “Please don’t break our heart today my man. Please It’s a father to father request I love my children just like you do yours and exterior forces cannot be allowed to cloud a father to father feeling please,” he wrote.

‘Don’t let my faith break in the system’
“I am a kind and gentle person Sameer please don’t let my faith break in you and the system. Please it will shatter us as a family,” he said.

Sameer promised he thought of Aryan as ‘one of his own’
“You have noticed my behaviour through all this. You know I would never stand by anything against what you are doing. I believed it when you said you are thinking of Aryan as your own and want to make him a better person.

‘I haven’t been in press’
“I haven’t done anything to not help my son get that reformation. I haven’t been in press. I haven’t made a statement. I have just believed in your goodness. Please please don’t let me down as a father,” Shahrukh said.

The chats were shared in a report by Free Press Journal. HT could not independently verify them.

Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB in October 2021 and spent nearly a month in a Mumbai jail before being granted bail; that was after the agency failed to prove charges against him.

In May last year the NCB gave the actor’s son a clean chit. The agency said no drugs had been found on him and NCB chief SN Pradhan admitted to ‘irregularities’ in the initial probe.

Wankhede this week was accused of trying to extort ₹25 crore from Shah Rukh to avoid implicating his son in the case. The anti-drugs agency officer moved the Bombay High Court to quash the charges (filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation). The court declined to do so but did give Wankhede protection from coercive action by the CBI, such as being arrested, till Monday.

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