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Three Most Important Tips To Start This Year With

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It’s always better to eat traditional food items in time-tested combinations, and other important tips to start the new year with by Rujuta Diwekar

With the new year, comes our resolutions to stay fit. As we step into 2022, most of us pledge to remain healthy all through. The fresh start has somehow rekindled the spark of following a healthy lifestyle. Well, if you are looking for some healthy tips, you need to check out Rujuta Diwekar’s latest Instagram post. The nutritionist shared three sustainable tips around food, exercise and gender equations that will help you remain fit and fine. In the video, she has warned the viewers to be careful with the diet fads that keep changing with time and be consistent with their regular fitness regime.

1. Food

– Don’t make food choices based on a single nutrient. Rujuta Diwekar stated that sometimes, people change their food habits and include a particular food item or remove it from the diet just because of a single nutrient. For example, initially, there was a trend that one should avoid having ghee over chapatis since it’s fat. But now, as per the recent trend, people must have ghee even on coffee as well because of its various health benefits. However, this is not right.

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