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26 people killed due to extreme weather conditions in Sri Lanka

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COLOMBO: At least 26 people have been killed and over 230,000 others affected in recent days due to extreme weather conditions in Sri Lanka, authorities said on Friday.
The months of October and November are usually the northeastern monsoon season in Sri Lanka. However, higher than usual rainfalls have been reported in most parts of the country this year.
So far 26 people have died and over 230,000 others affected due to the continuous rains. At least six people were struck by lightning, the Disaster Management Centre said.
According to the Centre, with rains slowing and flood waters receding, the affected areas are slowly returning to normal.

The reservoir sluice gates that had been opened are being gradually shut again.
However, the weather bureau said rains will occur in several provinces in the island nations.
The weather bureau said a low pressure area in the south-east Bay of Bengal that was indirectly responsible for the heavy rainfalls in the country is now moving towards southern India.

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