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Bengaluru Auto Driver in Tears after Earning Rs 40 in 5 hours

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A video of a Bengaluru auto driver breaking down due to his meagre earnings has gone viral on social media. The one-minute clip was posted on Twitter by a user named Zavier as he claimed that the auto driver’s wages had been affected due to free bus rides provided by the Karnataka government.

Bengaluru Auto driver

In the clip, the auto driver is seen speaking in Kannada to a local reporter. During his conversation, the auto driver was in tears as he said that he earned only Rs 40 despite driving for long hours. He blamed the free bus service for women by the Karnataka government for his low earnings.

“A Bengaluru auto driver in tears after collecting just Rs 40/- from 8 am to 1 pm. This is the result of free bus rides given by the new Cong govt in Karnataka. Pushing people into poverty,” read the caption.

The post has been viewed over 125k times and received several reactions. However, social media users were divided over the post and that triggered a debate. While some were sympathetic towards the auto driver, others said that drivers often refused to cooperate with passengers in Bengaluru.

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