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Do you have diabetes? This is the best time to have fruits

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Is there a right time to eat fruits for people with diabetes? A nutritionist opens up,

People with diabetes often struggle to make the right food choices. Picking foods that do not play havoc with their blood glucose levels is essential for diabetes management. Foods with low GI (glycaemic index) are recommended to keep sugar levels in check. Green leafy vegetables, legumes, dairy and nuts are examples of such foods.

Does this mean that diabetics should skip fruits? While fruits have loads of nutrients and fibre but they can also cause a spike in your blood sugar levels if you over eat them.

The best approach is to follow some rules when it comes to consuming fruits and reap maximum health benefits.

“Be smart about your fruit choices and make sure you follow these basic rules,” says nutritionist Rashi Chowdhary.

The best fruits for people with diabetes

Some of the best fruits for people with diabetes are apples, avocados, blackberries, cherries, grapefruit, peaches, pears, plums or strawberries. These are low-sugar fruits with glycaemic load mostly at 6, as per Chowdhary.

One should avoid fruits like banana, chiku, mango, fruit juices and grapes if suffering from the metabolic disorder.

Best time to have fruits for people with diabetes

Our metabolic activity differs at each time of the day and having fruits when your body’s digestive fire is high could help in case of diabetics.

“Try and have fruit between 1-4 pm when your body’s digestive fire is at their highest,” says Chowdhary.

The nutritionist also says that having a fruit before or after workout is a good time as that is when our body can use up the extra carbs quickly.

Benefits of fruits for diabetics

Fruits are rich in fibre and vitamins which are essential for people with diabetes.

“Fibre plays an important role in slowing down the absorption of sugar and controlling its levels. So, it is advised to have a whole fruit instead of juice so that vitamin and fibre are not lost,” says Shruti Bharadwaj, Senior Clinical Dietician, Narayana Hrudayalaya Multispeciality Hospital Ahmedabad.

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