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Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Shows You How To Eat Your Meals In The Right Order

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In her Instagram post, nutritionist Pooja Makhija talked about a study and shared the right order to eat your meal.

We have always been told that eating healthy food is perhaps the most important aspect of staying fit. The advantages of a balanced diet and adequate exercise have been explained abundantly by experts across the world. But did you know that the order in which you eat the food on your plate may also have an impact on your health? Nutritionist Pooja Makhija has shed light on this subject on her social media timeline. In her Instagram Reels, she explained why you must eat your vegetables and proteins first followed by carbs. In the Instagram Reels, the nutritionist is seen with a plate full of different food items that go into creating a balanced meal.

Pooja Makhija’s plate includes chopped vegetables including tomatoes and greens, chapati, and bowls of dal, rice and two curries. Showing us her plate, Pooja explained that the order in which you eat these foods or rather put them into your mouth can actually make a difference to your ageing, body weight as well as hormones.

In a detailed caption, she mentioned that in a new study, researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, NY, found that the order in which different types of food are consumed has a significant impact on post-meal glucose and insulin levels in obese people.

She further explains that when the vegetables and protein were eaten before the carbohydrates, the researchers found that glucose levels were 29%, 37% and 17% lower at the 30, 60 and 120-minute checks, compared to when carbohydrates were consumed first. Also, insulin was found to be significantly lower when the participants ate vegetables and protein first.

Talking about the practice of having vegetables and protein first, she says, “We are in a way putting on some clothes on carbs. We are flattening the glucose-insulin curve by first using the fibre to slow down gastric emptying and therefore reducing the spikes of sugar.”
By doing this, one can have better hormonal balance, improved fertility, reduce cravings, better skin, reduced inflammations, slower ageing and reduced risk of diseases, Pooja added.

With this hack, you enjoy your food in the right order for better health. Pooja Makhija called it, “Eating right, eating well but eating smart.”

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