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Here’s why Dharmendra called Salman Khan right after his snake bite incident

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Dharmendra recently said that after hearing about Salman Khan’s snake bite incident, he had immediately called him up. When the tragedy occurred, Salman Khan was at his Panvel farmhouse. A non-venomous snake bit him three times. After being admitted to Kamothe Hospital in Navi Mumbai, the star was released a few hours later. On Sunday night, Salman returned to his farmhouse, Arpita Farms, to host his birthday bash.

Today, Dharmendra responded to a Twitter fan who asked him to send Salman Khan birthday wishes. He said, “Salman is like a son to me…. He too has great love and respect for me. I always pray on his Birthday and wish him the best. I got worried and called him after the news of a snake bite. He is fit and fine.” When asked about the snake bite accident, Salman informed ANI, “A snake had entered a room in my farmhouse and the children got scared. So I took it outside using a stick. Gradually it reached onto my hand. I then grabbed it with my other hand to release it.” He also added that the staff thought that the snake was venomous, and due to the commotion the snake bit him not once but thrice.

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