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IIT-M Alumni is the Latest Billionaire in India after Bumper IPO Listing. Know More

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The initial public offer or IPO of Latent View Analytics Limited was a bumper hit at the Dalal Street when it got listed earlier this week. The Latent View shares made a strong listing at the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE), trading at a 169 per cent premium of the final issue price of Rs 197 per share. While it was a good news for all the lucky investors who got the shares during the Latent View IPO share allotment, it made one person a billionaire. Adugudi Viswanathan Venkatraman, the promoter of digital solutions firm Latent View Analytics Limited, is now worth more than a billion dollars.

Venkataraman, who is the chairperson and the executive director of Latent View Analytics Limited, holds 117.91 crore shares in the company. This means he has 69.62 per cent stake in the firm. If the closing price of Thursday, November 25 is considered, Venkataraman’s stake at Latent View amounts to Rs 8,275 core, which is roughly equal to $1.11 billion. The stocks closed at Rs 702.35 on the day at the BSE.

Market observers went on to add that Tarsons Products IPO GMP today at 160 means grey market is expecting this public

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