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Prince Harry Reflects on His Fears that Prince Charles not his Father

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Prince Harry revealed that he feared he would be “ousted from the royals” over rumours that Major James Hewitt was his father. This comes as the Duke of Sussex made a series of shock claims during the phone hacking trial against the Mirror Group papers. Prince Harry reflected on his his life during his teens and 20s talking about his struggles at school, his relationship with ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy and media scrutiny.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry and King Charles.(AFP)

As the judge told Prince Harry he cannot discuss evidence with anyone, Harry joked, “Not my children, my lord? I may well be Facetiming them.” But in his submission, he struck a sombre note as he talked about his fears over rumours that King Charles was not his father.

I feared that my biological father was James Hewitt which could oust me from the royal family, Harry said, adding that he hadn’t realised until he was 30 years old that Major Hewitt only met his mother Princess Diana after Prince Harry was born.

At the time, I wasn’t actually aware that my mother hadn’t met Major Hewitt until after I was born. This timeline is something I only learnt of in around 2014,” he said, continuing that the rumours were “very damaging and very real to me”.

“They were hurtful, mean and cruel,” he said, adding that he feared they would put “doubt in the minds of the public so I might be ousted from the Royal Family”.

During the trial, Prince Harry said that he struggled at school saying that he was labelled “the ‘thicko’, the ‘cheat’, the ‘underage drinker’, the ‘‘irresponsible drug taker'” during his teenage years.

“I thought that… I may as well ‘do the crime’, so to speak. Eton had a zero drugs policy in place, and I was extremely worried I was going to be expelled,” he said before launching an attack at the UK government which he claimed was at “rock bottom”.

“Democracy fails when the government is not held accountable,” he asserted.

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