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Detox Drink for Skin Health and Hair Care

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There are many benefits of detox drinks — mainly to do with digestive health which, when taken care of, can do wonders for the health of the skin and the hair.

In principle, detox drinks promise to remove toxins from the body. Some people believe it can promote weight loss, too, which, though debatable, is also believable because these drinks are low in their calorie count.


There are many kinds of detox drinks with unique recipes and ingredients; you may have consumed some. Before including these drinks in your diet, check with an expert to find out if they are capable of helping you achieve whatever it is that you intend to.

Also, remember that what works for someone else may work better for you and vice-versa. Detox drinks are not substitutes for other nutritious foods and are merely an addition to your healthy diet.

Previously, in a health and wellness column shared on, an expert noted that detox juices are part of detox diets that are “short-term dietary interventions” based on teas, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. These diets claim to remove toxins from your liver, release toxins via urine and sweat, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, decrease bloating, reduce chronic lethargy, and provide essential nutrients.

“Juice cleanses”, the expert had noted, “is usually followed for 3 to 10 days by drinking just detox juices, commercial smoothies, lemon juice, herbal drinks, and no solid foods”.

That said, Dr Aarthi, a consultant dermatologist/dermatosurgeon/aesthetic dermatologist, took to Instagram recently to share a simple detox drink comprising only four ingredients: apple, cucumber, celery and ginger.

Calling it a “green drink”, the expert claimed that the drink is “rich in antioxidants”, which can help with glowing skin, reduced hair loss, general wellness, and detox. Stating the health benefits of each of these ingredients, the doctor wrote:

* Apple is loaded with antioxidants

* Cucumber is an antioxidant and helps with hydration

* Celery is an excellent source of antioxidants

* Ginger for taste

Method: Chop all four ingredients and put them in a blender. Pour them into a glass and consume.

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